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13 February 2011 @ 01:40 am
Holaaaaaaaaaa ♥  
Hello all, long time no see uh?? **blushes** I was traveling a little bit in case you were wondering :P Uhmmm so yeah, let's get to the man we looove ;) no???

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The Antena 3 interview right here you all...

A3 - Do you know what question Matias was talking about??
CR- Well, you know the same question they make to me, always the same question...
A3- If Lionel Messi is better than you??
CR- I'm not gonna answer because you know that answer better than me.
A3- Messi is not better than you then?
CR- That's not the important, we are different players that try to help their clubs.
A3- But there is something you win over Messi: your followers on Facebook and Twitter.
CR- Yes... I think I have like 15 million on facebook, I'm almost sure. Twitter its also good.
A3- That makes me think "wow when was the last time someone didn't recognize this men on the street"?
CR- Oh that's a good question uhmmm difficult probably people that doesnt like football but I dont really pay attention to those details.
A3- How do you La Liga?
CR- Well, I know its gonna be difficult because Barcelona has 7 points more than us, but we can't quit we must fight until the end.
A3- But the Liga is not lost then??
CR- Oh we can't think that at all, we must believe its possible, difficult but possible.
A3- I see that you are very positive. Has it cross your mind that this season Real Madrid wont win anything??
CR- No, not at all. It can happen, but I dont want to think its gonna happen. I want to win, I'm confidence we are going to win something important.
A3- When you talk about Mourinho you talk like you'll go to end of the world with him...
CR- For me he is the best. He is a winner and he makes everything easier. I like to work with the best.
A3- He would be like a football father to you?
CR- Yeah, why not...
A3- Yeah, because have you seen what Pandiani's declarations?? (they showed him the video)
Pandiani: "he should be more humble. As a footballer he is a phenomenon. He still misses goals, like he needs to improve that. About the times he speak, well, when he wins the titles I have in Spain, then I'll listen to what he has to say"
CR- (LOL) What do you want me to say??
A3- What do you think?
CR- Oh please, Oh please... Like I'm gonna waste my time on this things...
A3- Have they ever told you to modify your behavior in the club??
CR- First of all I am who I am and I'm not going to change it. I have my own personality and my own character. If they like me, great, if not, then they don't have to speak to me or don't watch me play. Who knows me knows who I am. People don't need to tell me when I do bad because I know when I do bad, when I play bad. I am always open to listen others opinions, I always want to learn. That's why I think I'm a very balance person, I feel happy, I play in one of the best clubs of the world with the best teammates of the world.
A3- What's the first things that comes to your mind when you see this pictures?
CR- Oh that one, I look so much like my son there...
A3- Has your son change your life?
CR- Yes, very much.
A3- Well, Cristiano thank you so much and we wish you the best luck and this is your home.
CR- Thanks to you too, it was my pleasure.
Location: GDL
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let's run away and don't ever look back: Crisp trainingmichelita1713 on February 13th, 2011 08:16 pm (UTC)
hahaha ;) yessss Cris is working his magic on you lolol **dances around**